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Miles Bryan

"Time Heals All Wounds:" Breaking Bread, Finding Common Ground After Angry Mosque Incident

Aftab Khan and his family have lived in the Gillette area for over a hundred years, and a few years back the family opened a mosque there. Bret Colvin started a Facebook page called Stop Islam In Gillette and, after the mosque opened, he knocked on the door during services while a large number of people rallied behind him, some of them armed. The event was covered extensively in the local and the international news. Quickly, the online rhetoric between them grew ugly. But until now, they’ve never met in person.

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StoryCorps In Jackson

Do you have a story to tell? We're partnering with StoryCorps to record stories from Wyoming residents in Jackson from May 24th to June 22nd.

Lander, WY – Fremont county is resisting attempts by the U-S Forest Service to impose stricter rules aimed at keeping food away from bears in northwestern Wyoming's national forests. The county is considering suing the agency over the proposed food storage order. The order spells out how food, pet food, dead game animals, livestock grains and feeds, garbage and hygiene items should be stored by forest users so they don't attract bears. There is fear the proposed order is aimed at expanding grizzly territory beyound current boundaries.

Laramie, WY – It's going to cost more to attend the University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy. The Board of Trustees Saturday reluctantly agreed to increase tuition after the school's accrediting organization suggested more money was needed for the program. Trustee Greg Schaefer of Gillette cast the lone no vote against the increase. He says it's the largest increase he's seen since being on the Trustees and he felt squeezed by the accrediting body. Schaefer also was concerned about how the increase would affect enrollment, particularly out-of-state students.

Rock Springs, WY – The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission was updated on efforts to take the grizzly bear off the endangered species list Friday. Assistant Wildlife Division Chief John Emmerick told the commission that they are going to put off the process of determining what areas are biologically suitable and socially acceptable for bears. He says they can afford to wait and notes there are more pressing priorities for the Game and Fish right now. Emmerick says they're still working on the wolf de-listing issue and working to initiate sage grouse local working groups.

Burgess Junction, WY – The Bighorn National Forest wants to limit motorized travel and camping in a popular recreation area to protect the land from further damage. Rangers says the area near Burgess Junction has been damaged by uncontrolled all-terrain vehicle usage and too many dispersed campsites. Rangers say years of heavy use in the area has filled lakes and streams with sediment and caused erosion and vegetation damage.

Cody, WY – A state lawmaker and doctors in Cody disagree over whether voters should decide on a constitutional amendment allowing legislators to debate medical malpractice reforms. Governor Dave Freudenthal introduced the proposed amendment last month. In a debate in Cody, State Representative Colin Simpson says he heeds a more compelling reason to amend the constitution. He also doesn't agree liability caps are the answer. However, West Park Hospital doctors argue Wyoming must address the medical malpractice crisis any way it can.

Newcastle, Wy –
A group of counties in Northeast Wyoming have a new State Senator. Chuck Townsend who works in the minerals industry and who has served in local government, will fill the Seat of Bill Barton who resigned because of health reasons. Townsend is already getting support from Republican Chairman Jim Willox who praised his small business background as an asset. He will represent the largest Senate district in the state, covering five counties in northeast Wyoming.

Wyoming – Citizens of the state had their chance to say what they would do with a billion dollars. Wyoming Public Radio's Renny MacKay reports this wasn't hypothetical they were talking about the state's billion dollar budget surplus.

Laramie, WY – The University of Wyoming basketball team has enjoyed a lot of success the last three years. But the stars of the team have left and the Pokes will have to try and reestablish themselves. Wyoming Public Radio's Renny MacKay reports on the dawn of a new era of Pokes basketball.

Laramie, WY – The University of Wyoming College of Business has plans to eliminate one of its newest programs at the end of this school year

Laramie, WY – When Matthew Shepard died, things could have been tough for gays and lesbians in the state.


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