BBC Program 'The Newsroom' Replacing 'On Point' January 15th

Wyoming Public Radio Will Be Replacing On Point Beginning January 15th

Accelerated 24-hour news cycles mandate a consistent and timely broadcast of information. It has become increasingly difficult to time-shift programs with news content, and our broadcast of On Point is caught in this dilemma. It is distributed live in the morning, but airs at 7 p.m. in Wyoming, often rendering the content obsolete. In addition, Wyoming Public Radio audiences are not able to call in questions. Call-in programs are more effective in real time. On Point will be replaced by live BBC programming.   


Regular presenters: Valerie Sanderson, Oliver Conway and Jackie Leonard
Credit BBC

The Newsroom is where the BBC's worldwide network of correspondents tell the stories of the day - clearly and concisely providing compelling journalism, eyewitness accounts, context and analysis. The Newsroom provides a valuable global perspective and is also committed to adapting immediately to live coverage during big events and breaking news.

The Newsroom will be followed by a half hour of BBC-based programs on a variety of topics, including Science, Health Care, Technology and Global Business. Classical music will continue as per usual at 8 p.m. It can also be found on Classical Wyoming 24/7, and through streaming.

Parting with a beloved program is always difficult, but sometimes the logistics no longer work. If you’re an On Point fan, you will be able to access the program on your computer. Find out how here. The direct link to WBUR for On Point streaming live from 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. (MST) is here


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