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  • Jackson's Slow-Moving Landslide Accelerates

    A slow-moving landslide in Jackson has started accelerating, blocking off the area's only access road and undermining options for stabilization.

    Crews stopped work Thursday on an emergency buttress designed to slow down the slide. Officials decided it was no longer safe to work beneath a cut slope that kept releasing gravel slides, and pulled workers off the job. The only access road to the hillside has become impassable.

    The Town has hired landslide expert George Machan, who gave an update today.

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  • BLM Considers Limiting Development On Wilderness-Type Areas Near Rawlins

    The Bureau of Land Management is considering protecting some areas in the Red Desert because of their scenic qualities.

    The agency’s Sheila Lehman says they’re considering amending the Rawlins Resource Management Plan, to limit development on parcels of land with important wilderness characteristics.

    “There’s the potential to maybe be able to preserve it a little bit more, or by mitigating certain things to keep that quality – that wilderness quality,” Lehman said.

    Environmental groups are pleased.

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  • Money Heads To The Wind River Indian Reservation

    Long-awaited money from a settlement on the Wind River Indian Reservation is finally on its way. The 157 million dollar settlement between the tribes and the federal government is for underpayment of royalties on oil and gas development…and improper management of royalties that were paid.

    Northern Arapaho spokesman Mark Howell says some people don’t have bank accounts…and there were concerns they would not be able to cash their checks.

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  • Davis Will Leaves Money For Y Cross Teaching

    The will of a wealthy Denver philanthropist who has died contains an incentive for the University of Wyoming and Colorado State University to use a ranch for agricultural education rather than sell the property.

    Amy Davis died Wednesday. She was 86.
    Davis' personal representative, Tyson Dines, said Thursday that Davis' will sets aside a considerable amount to support teaching at the Y Cross Ranch. He wouldn't specify the amount.
    University officials said they were saddened by Davis' death but had no additional comment.

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