wyoming legislature http://wyomingpublicmedia.org en House approves Hathaway changes http://wyomingpublicmedia.org/post/house-approves-hathaway-changes <p>The Wyoming House of Representatives voted to approve a bill that adds two years of Fine and Performing Arts or Career-Vocational education to the requirements of those seeking the Hathaway scholarship. Wed, 30 Jan 2013 21:25:27 +0000 Bob Beck 35969 at http://wyomingpublicmedia.org House approves Hathaway changes Questions Surround Constitutional Amendment A http://wyomingpublicmedia.org/post/questions-surround-constitutional-amendment-0 <p>A Constitutional Amendment designed to keep the federal government from deciding what health care Wyoming residents can receive has some uneasy.&nbsp;</p><p>Constitutional Amendment A gives rights to Wyoming citizens and the state over health care decisions, but some worry about a provision that gives the legislature power to determine reasonable and necessary restrictions on someone’s health care rights.&nbsp;</p> Mon, 05 Nov 2012 16:47:42 +0000 Bob Beck 32351 at http://wyomingpublicmedia.org Questions Surround Constitutional Amendment A