Valentine’s Day en Sonnet: “Dispatches from the Western Front” <p>In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, University of Wyoming student Zack Anderson began advertising his services around campus. The English and French major is offering customized sonnets for a fee. Wyoming Public Media requested that Anderson write a love poem… for us.</p><p></p><p>Here, nigh the end of our postmodern age,</p><p>the news is bred on free-range server farms</p><p>and in the brains of citizenry rage</p><p>incertitude, distress, ennui, alarm,</p><p></p><p>complacency.&nbsp; These bitter villains leach</p><p>the human spirit from our cynic scene.</p> Fri, 01 Feb 2013 22:49:03 +0000 Zack Anderson 36091 at Sonnet: “Dispatches from the Western Front”