federal gun law http://wyomingpublicmedia.org en Senator Nicholas rips tactics of pro-gun lobbyists http://wyomingpublicmedia.org/post/senator-nicholas-rips-tactics-pro-gun-lobbyists <p>After receiving threats and attacks concerning Senators’ patriotism and support of gun rights, Senate Majority Floor Leader Phil Nicholas decided that the Senate would not debate a pair of gun rights bills.&nbsp; One bill would allow local law enforcement to arrest federal officials enforcing federal gun laws in the state and the other gave the state power to keep local officials from developing their own gun regulations.&nbsp; Nicholas says the bills were poorly drafted and gave one example:</p> Sat, 23 Feb 2013 01:21:55 +0000 Bob Beck 37086 at http://wyomingpublicmedia.org Senator Nicholas rips tactics of pro-gun lobbyists Senate Committee amends gun bills http://wyomingpublicmedia.org/post/senate-committee-amends-gun-bills <p></p><p></p><p>The Senate Judiciary Committee passed a pair of gun rights bills with some key changes.&nbsp;</p><p>The Committee reworked a bill that had been intended to threaten federal law enforcement officials with arrest if they tried to enforce federal gun bans in Wyoming.&nbsp; The committee amended the bill to say that federal officials could carry out their duties, but that local law enforcement could not assist.&nbsp; Still, the Wyoming Attorney General was given authority to protect citizen gun rights.&nbsp;</p> Thu, 21 Feb 2013 00:27:34 +0000 Bob Beck 36953 at http://wyomingpublicmedia.org Senate Committee amends gun bills