Pronghorn en New Study To Investigate Declines In Pronghorn Populations <p>Wyoming’s pronghorn populations have been&nbsp;declining&nbsp;rapidly in the last ten years and&nbsp;a coalition of groups including&nbsp;the University of Wyoming and Game and Fish are trying to figure out why.&nbsp; In 2010,&nbsp;there were over 500,000 pronghorn in the state.&nbsp;&nbsp;Today, that number has dropped to a little more than 400,000.</p> Mon, 03 Mar 2014 14:54:33 +0000 Melodie Edwards 54766 at New Study To Investigate Declines In Pronghorn Populations Pronghorn using wildlife overpasses <p>Conservationists are relieved that migrating animals are using the recently-built overpasses on U-S Highway 191 near Pinedale. The highway cuts across major wildlife migration routes, and vehicle collisions with animals have been a problem in the area for years.</p><p>The Wyoming Department of Transportation finished six underpasses and two overpasses for the wildlife last year, inspired by similar structures in Banff National Park. They were the first ever built for pronghorn antelope, which can't jump roadside fences, and they avoid enclosed spaces.&nbsp;</p> Mon, 11 Nov 2013 14:29:16 +0000 Rebecca Martinez 49704 at Pronghorn using wildlife overpasses