uw budget http://wyomingpublicmedia.org en UW worried about losing research faculty http://wyomingpublicmedia.org/post/uw-worried-about-losing-research-faculty <p>In making a request for pay hikes for University of Wyoming faculty and staff before the legislature’s Joint Appropriations Committee, University Vice President for Research, Bill Gern, spent a considerable amount of time discussing some of the major research faculty who are leaving U-W.&nbsp;</p><p>Gern says they have lost or are losing up to 20 key faculty members who are taking their research dollars with them.&nbsp; He says recent budget cuts have made it difficult for the University to keep some of these faculty...and their departure has a major impact on U-W.</p> Fri, 13 Dec 2013 00:50:34 +0000 Bob Beck 51227 at http://wyomingpublicmedia.org UW worried about losing research faculty