Swingin’ Around Town http://wyomingpublicmedia.org en Old Steps Come To Life At Laramie Swing Dance http://wyomingpublicmedia.org/post/old-steps-come-life-laramie-swing-dance <p>Classic dances like the Jitterbug, the Charleston, and the Lindy Hop are being revived at a community swing dance series in Laramie. Swingin’ Around Town started this summer as a way to rekindle social dance.</p><p>It now happens on the first and third Friday of every month at Blossom Yoga in downtown Laramie, and Lindy Hop lessons start in January at the Laramie Recreation Center. Wyoming Public Radio’s Micah Schweizer spoke with Swingin’ Around Town co-founders Kevin Bretting and Charles Fournier.</p> Fri, 20 Dec 2013 22:28:32 +0000 Micah Schweizer 51621 at http://wyomingpublicmedia.org Old Steps Come To Life At Laramie Swing Dance