Labor Day en Cody Concerts in the Park <p>The Cody Parks and Recreation Department is gearing up for another great summer of FREE live music in Cody&rsquo;s downtown City Park. The Concerts in the Park expose residents and visitors to a diverse array of musical talent in an amazing outdoor venue&mdash;made even better last year with the addition of a new sound system!</p> Thu, 21 Jun 2012 19:21:27 +0000 City of Cody 25878 at Cody Concerts in the Park All state troopers on patrol for Labor Day Weekend <div class="divider">&nbsp;<span class="article-content"><span>For those of you planning a road trip this Labor Day weekend, here&#39;s a reminder to buckle up and mind the speed limit.</span></span><br />&nbsp;</div><div class="divider"><span class="article-content"><span>Sgt. Stephen Townsend of the Wyoming Highway Patrol says troopers will be out in full-force until Tuesday.<br /><br />&quot;Yeah with the increased folks out on the road, it&#39;s just to make sure everyone has a safe weekend. We want to reduce injuries out on the highway and, most importantly, save lives.&quot;<br /> Fri, 02 Sep 2011 21:49:05 +0000 Rebecca Martinez 13252 at All state troopers on patrol for Labor Day Weekend