Casper, Wy –
Saying it is not an easy task, Senator Craig Thomas says the Bureau of Land Management should perhaps be given a little slack on their handling of Coalbed Methane Development. Thomas understands both those drilling and those trying to limit environmental impacts have on occasion had reason to be mad at the Bureau. But Thomas says problems have ranged from staffing to the inability of all federal agencies to work together.

Lararmie, Wy – A multiple vehicle accident state officials are saying is the worst in over a decade kept half of Interstate 80 closed for 27 hours. A Wyoming Department of Transportation spokesperson says at about Thursday morning seven tractor trailers collided and burst into flames. That caused a chain reaction of accidents back up the eastbound lane of I-80 between Laramie and Cheyenne. All told 33 vehicles were involved in the crash. Emergency crews spent the night going through the wreckage, which is spread over two miles.

Rock Springs, WY – Environmental groups protesting the Bureau of Land Management's plan for managing oil and gas development in the Red Desert say the agency isn't doing it's homework. The Wyoming chapter of the Sierra Club is among those who joined in on the official protest. Spokesperson Patricia Dowd says there is too much flexibility in the B-L-M drilling plan. She says the agency is being very vague in how they're determining how much development will take place in the area. And Dowd says the B-L-M is not looking holistically at the impacts on big game and sage grouse.

Yellowstone – Trying to avoid last year's confusion, the National Park Service unveiled a new snowmobiling plan for Yellowstone and Grand Teton Thursday. The proposal would allow snowmobiling to continue in the parks for the next three years. Experience during that time would then be used to write a more comprehensive plan. Wyoming Public Radio's Aaron Alpern reports


Laramie, Wy – The National Park Service is proposing to
let up to 720 guided snowmobiles enter Yellowstone National Park
each day during the winter.
The plan is an effort by park officials to provide a measure of
certainty for local businesses and the public about winter
recreation in the region over the next several winters.
Under the plan unveiled today (Thursday), 140 snowmobiles would
be allowed in neighboring Grand Teton National Park and the John D.
Rockefeller Junior Memorial Parkway.

Laramie, Wy – A management support company will run the day to day operations of Laramie's Ivinson Memorial hospital. Board Chairwoman Betty Stinson says they have hired Quorum Health Resources to run the hospital for a year and if it goes well, they could go beyond that. Stinson says it is a different approach then hiring a single C-E-O, but the board decided with all the issues that the hospital has been facing, that a company with an array of services was best.

Laramie, Wy –
The reason several environmental groups have filed a protest over development of the Red Desert for Oil and Gas leasing, is because they don't believe that the Bureau of Land Management is doing its homework. The Wyoming Chapter of the Sierra Club is among those who joined in on the official protest of the B-L-M's plan to manage drilling in the area. Spokesperson Patricia Dowd says there is too much flexibility in the B-L-M plan.

Cheyenne, WY – A Cody air service group is a step closer to receiving state money for United Express winter flights to Denver. The Wyoming Aeronautics Commission approved a 190 thousand dollar grant application Tuesday, forwarding it to the Wyoming Business Council for a final decision. This is the second application for Cody, while Jackson and Casper also have received state air service funds. Aeronautics Administrator Shelly Reams believes there will be interest from all over the state should the program continue.

Casper, Wy – A coalition of conservation groups has
filed a formal protest of a federal plan to manage oil and gas drilling in southwest Wyoming's Red Desert.
The Wyoming Outdoor Council, the Biodiversity Conservation
Alliance, the Wilderness Society, the Wyoming chapter of the Sierra
Club, and Lander resident Tom Bell filed the suit yesterday
They say the Bureau of Land Management failed to comply with
federal law by failing to provide adequate safeguards to protect

Wyoming –

Topic: Bob Beck speaks with Senator Craig Thomas about the minerals industry

Topic: Aaron Alpern reports on the Democratic Nomination party

Topic: Renny Mackay speaks with Barbara Cubin about Tuesday's Republican nomination for the US House.

Wyoming – It's no secret that it will always be difficult for Wyoming Democrats to win a statewide race. The sheer number of Republicans in the state creates that situation. Democrats and their US House candidate, Ted Ladd, understand that reality. But they still think they can knock off incumbent Barbara Cubin this year. Wyoming Public Radio's Aaron Alpern reports

Wilson, WY – The race for Wyoming's seat in the US House of Representatives got started quickly the day after the primaries. At a campaign event in Douglas, Incumbent Republican Barbara Cubin said her opponent is an easterner that is unfamiliar with Wyoming issues. Democrat Ted Ladd says he's expecting Cubin and the Republicans to come after him. He says her past races have tended to be bare-knuckle brawls. And while he'd rather stick to the issues, he says if it's a brawl she wants, it's a brawls she'll get. Congresswoman Cubin garnered 55% of the vote Tuesday.

Wyoming – Despite a challenging primary, Congresswoman Barbara Cubin easily won Tuesday's Republican nomination for the US House. Cubin garnered 53-percent of the vote; setting up a November showdown with Democrat Ted Ladd, who won a nail biter Tuesday. Wyoming Public Radio's Aaron Alpern has more on the US House race

Cheyenne, WY – Two incumbents lost their seats in Tuesday's primary election while a Senate candidate pulled off a late rally to grab a seat in Northwestern Wyoming. Cheyenne Republican Ed Prosser was defeated in his state house re-election bid by Dan Zwonitzer while State Senator Dick Erb lost his seat in Gillette to Michael Von Flatern. All other incumbents held onto their seats, as did Cheyenne Representatives Tony Ross and Wayne Johnson, who both won Republican primaries to serve in the State Senate.

Laramie, wy – Several agree that a big concern that could be facing the coalbed natural gas effort is reclamation. Associate B-L-M Director Alan Kesterke admits it is a major issue, that could have a huge impact in the future.
Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality Director John Corra says it could carry a heavy cost. That is why Jill Morrison of the Powder River Basin Resource Council is pushing for higher bonds. She's especially worried that companies that go bankrupt won't pay for their damage.

Douglas, Wy – In the primary election yesterday Republican Barbara Cubin got 14 thousand more votes than all of the Democrats combined. In the general election Cubin faces Wilson businessman, Ted Ladd. Cubin says she will not take her advantage for granted. The ten year incumbent says this means she will continue to meet with Wyomingites and work to dispel the myth she is out of touch.
Cubin says she plans to run a campaign based on records and hopes it will stay positive, but she says she won't be surprised if it gets negative.


Cheyenne, Wy – Congresswoman Barbara Cubin easily survived a same party battle to win the GOP primary for Wyoming's U-S House Seat. She faces Democrat Ted Ladd. The Wilson businessman won a narrow victory over John Henley, that was not decided until midnight. Cubin won her four person race by gathering 55 percent of the vote.

Rock Springs, WY – A coalition of conservation groups has filed a formal protest of a federal plan to manage oil and gas drilling in southwestern Wyoming. The Wyoming Outdoor Council, Biodiversity Conservation Alliance, the Wilderness Society, the Wyoming chapter of the Sierra Club and Lander resident Tom Bell filed the suit Monday. They say the Bureau of Land Management failed to comply with federal law by not providing adequate safeguards to protect wildlife.

Wyoming –

Topic: Bob Beck reports on the focus of the Powder River Basin where Coalbed Methane development continues.

Topic: Jim Morgan reports on the 5th Annual Indian Paintbrush Festival.

Topic: Preview of Wyoming Elections

Washington, D.C. – The U-S Interior Department will begin delaying some new oil and gas drilling projects until the effects on wildlife are studied more thoroughly. But environmentalists are skeptical, since the department has routinely ignored its power to defer energy leases for the sake of wildlife. The Bureau of Land Management is rewriting 162 plans for managing vast areas, including land in southwestern Wyoming.

Laramie – While natural gas development expands across the state, a lot of the focus remains with the Powder River Basin where Coalbed Methane development continues. While industry officials continue to argue that increased development is good for the state budget and a country that needs gas, Wyoming Public Radio's Bob Beck says the possible cost is the focus of a conference led by the Wyoming Ruckleshouse institute in Laramie this week .

Cheyenne, WY – Voters across Wyoming head to the polls Tuesday to decide a number of local and state races. The most interest is whether voters will decide to allow Wyoming Congresswoman Barbara Cubin to seek a sixth term. The five term Republican has fought hard to defend her voting record while facing a rare G-O-P primary battle from four opponents, including veteran State Senator Cale Case and Cheyenne attorney Bruce Asay. A newspaper poll gives Cubin the lead, but undecided voters and the possibility of a number of Democrats crossing over has made the race more interesting.

Cheyenne, WY – If recent trends hold, only a third of Wyoming's registered voters will head to the polls for Tuesday's primary election. In 2002, turnout for the primary was 37 percent while in 2000, 30 percent of voters in Wyoming cast ballots. Wyoming's Chief Elections Clerk says local races are what usually determines the turnout in a primary. She says if there are hot topics involving county commissioner or city council races, more people will vote. State elections officials also expect a larger-than-usual turnout for the general election in November.

Yellowstone National Park, WY – Yellowstone fire officials are keeping an eye on two blazes burning in the park. The latest is a four acre fire discovered Friday burning in the northeastern part of the park about five miles south of the old Lamar Buffalo Ranch. The lightning-causes fire smoldered for days before growing large enough to be noticed. Firefighters are watching weather conditions around that blaze. The largest fire in Yellowstone is being managed to burn to achieve resource objectives.

Wyoming –

Topic: Bob Beck speaks with Jon Jones who heads up the program for the Wyoming department of health about immunization.

Topic: Bob Beck speaks with Captain David Grover, a representative from the Ellsworth Air Force Base, about the Dakota Thunder 2004.

Lararmie, Wy – The state Department of Family Services is stressing the importance of using licensed childcare centers. The agency notes that they are safer and provide higher quality staff. But, the program manager of Childcare Licensing, Susan McKellar, says there is a shortage of licensed centers. She says the Department of Family Services is not going to put out recommendations for how to deal with this, rather they would prefer that lawmakers and Wyomingites consider the issue and decide what needs to be done and how it can be accomplished.

Jackson, WY – Bridger-Teton National Forest officials are concerned about this year's mild fire season flaring up at the end of summer. Forest Spokeswoman Mary Cernicek says fire dangers are up in the west due to recent warm weather. Cernicek says the fire danger is only moderate on the Bridger-Teton now, but conditions are there for a large fire. She says the long term weather forecast calls for above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation through October.

Laramie, Wyoming –
The Laramie City Council will vote for a second time Tuesday (tonight) on an ordinance that would ban smoking in all public places. Several amendments are being drafted for council members, some from the city attorney and others from outside interests. Mayor Fred Homer says he is hearing about the proposal from people on both sides of the issue. While he supports the concept, he says the reason is to make Laramie a better community.

Cheyenne, Wy –


Laramie, Wy – Cowboy football coach Joe Glenn says there is no question what his teams biggest weakness was last year, and for the team to make improvement this season, he says the defense must play better. Glenn spoke during the Cowboys annual media day. He says they have spent a lot of time trying to upgrade the defense. Glenn says to win, they must be able to stop the run.
Glenn says there are still some things to sort out in fall camp, but he remains optimistic. Wyoming opens its season at home on September 4th against Appalachian State.