Hard Times: A Journey Across America
10:01 pm
Wed December 28, 2011

In Katrina's Wake, New Orleans Enjoys Start-Up Boom

Sudhir Sinha's company, InnoGenomics, is one of hundreds of startups that call New Orleans home.
Debbie Elliott NPR

Originally published on Tue February 7, 2012 12:59 pm

Part of a series

New Orleans has long been known as one of America's hardest luck cities, struggling over the years with poverty, crime, corruption and tragic disaster. But the city's darkest days have sparked a surprising new entrepreneurial spirit.

Residents Billy Bosch and Matt Mouras, for example, are trying to launch a nutritional beverage company and are getting a leg up from Idea Village, a nonprofit that helps nurture the city's entrepreneurs.

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Sage Grouse Plan
5:55 pm
Wed December 28, 2011

Wyoming exempt from federal sage grouse plan

Associated Press

Wyoming is exempt from new Bureau of Land Management policies regarding sage grouse.

The policies require local BLM offices to ensure that new oil and gas leases come with measures that prevent loss of sage grouse habitat. BLM officials will have to assess how sage grouse would be affected by proposed roads and power lines in sage grouse territory.

The BLM’s National Technical Team had recommended even more stringent sage grouse conservation measures, such as flat-out banning new oil and gas leases in core sage grouse areas.

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Low Gas Prices
5:31 pm
Wed December 28, 2011

Low gas prices mean more travel, more shopping

Unleaded gas at the Gasamat in Laramie cost $2.73 Wednesday.
Rebecca Martinez Wyoming Public Media

Low gas prices since Thanksgiving means Americans feel better about traveling this holiday season, and Wyoming has some of the lowest gas prices in the region.

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The Two-Way
4:14 pm
Wed December 28, 2011

Twin NASA Probes Will Arrive At The Moon By New Year's

An artist rendition of the GRAIL mission.

Originally published on Wed December 28, 2011 4:18 pm

NASA is hoping that two probes scheduled to arrive on the moon New Year's Eve and New Year's Day will shed new light on our closest celestial neighbor.

The Gravity Recovery And Interior Laboratory (Grail A, and Grail B) probes will study the moon's uneven gravitational field. One quote from the AP's story about the probe caught our attention. The AP spoke to Maria Zuber, the mission's chief scientist, who said:

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It's All Politics
4:13 pm
Wed December 28, 2011

Romney Jabs Rival, But Says He'd Take A President Paul Over Obama Part 2

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney took a swipe at GOP rival Ron Paul and his isolationist foreign policy positions while campaigning in Iowa Wednesday, but he later told reporters he would support the outspoken Texas congressman if he were the Republican Party nominee for president.

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The Two-Way
3:02 pm
Wed December 28, 2011

Judge Says Mexican-American Studies Program Violates Ariz. Law

An Arizona administrative law judge has sided with the Tucson school chief, saying the district's Mexican American Studies program runs afoul state law.

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It's All Politics
2:49 pm
Wed December 28, 2011

Lonely And Cold, Iowa 'Occupiers' Seem Ill-Equipped To Takeover Caucus

An Occupy camp at College Green Park in Iowa City, Iowa. The camp was mostly empty aside from three men.
Becky Lettenberger Becky Lettenberger/NPR

Will the Iowa Republican caucuses next Tuesday be flooded with the state's version of Occupy Wall Street activists?

The rumor has been out there for weeks, and the state's voting laws suggest it could be possible: though only registered Republicans may participate, anyone can register for the party on caucus night and vote.

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2:47 pm
Wed December 28, 2011

A Brutal Chapter In North Carolina's Eugenics Past

Wallace Kuralt (left), the head of the Mecklenburg County welfare program in North Carolina, speaks to the Welfare Board in 1962. The county sterilized 485 people — about three times more than any other in the state. More than 7,000 people were sterilized in North Carolina.
Courtesy Charlotte Observer

Originally published on Tue April 30, 2013 11:53 am

North Carolina is trying to make amends for an ugly chapter in its history during which more than 7,000 people were sterilized — many against their will. At least half of the states had eugenics laws, but only a handful kept their forced sterilization programs active after World War II.

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2:26 pm
Wed December 28, 2011

Why Tea Party Freshmen Caved On Payroll Tax Deal

US Representatives walk down the House steps to leave for the Christmas holiday on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.

Conservative Tea Party-affiliated lawmakers spent weeks vowing to oppose the short-term compromise bill extending payroll tax cuts and unemployment insurance.

But in the end, the bill glided through the House, just before Christmas.

The final moments of this latest congressional showdown were fascinating not because of what happened but because of what didn't happen.

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The Salt
2:19 pm
Wed December 28, 2011

Is There Really Such A Thing As Brain Food?

People who ate a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, which are commonly found in fish, and in vitamins C, E and B, which are often found in vegetables, were less likely to have their brains shrink, and were more likely to score higher on the memory and thinking tests, a study found.

Originally published on Wed December 28, 2011 4:32 pm

There has long been a hope that people in search of a fountain of youth for the brain could look no further than their dinner plate.

Just last month, researchers reported that people who eat baked or broiled fish at least once a week may be protecting their brains from Alzheimer's and other brain problems.

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