9:05 am
Tue November 15, 2011

Man killed in car crash during high-speed chase

Authorities are investigating after a 35-year-old man was killed in a car crash in Converse County during a high-speed chase that involved a state trooper.

Brian A. Bonomo of Cheyenne was pulled over for speeding on Wyoming Highway 59 on Saturday evening. Wyoming Highway Patrol spokesman Sgt. Stephen Townsend says the trooper smelled marijuana on Bonomo
as he was handing him the ticket.

9:02 am
Tue November 15, 2011

Thoughts on Niobrara boom solicited for history project

The UW American Heritage Center is asking Wyoming residents for input about the energy boom in eastern Wyoming, for a history project. 

Archivist Leslie Waggener says they’re interested in hearing from residents of Platte, Goshen and eastern Laramie counties about the potential oil boom surrounding drilling in the Niobrara formation.  She plans on asking a number of questions: "How are they preparing?  What help do they need?  What help do they need from the state?  What help do they need from the industry?  How is that back and forth going with the various players?"

Yellowstone vital report
5:44 pm
Mon November 14, 2011

Yellowstone releases natural resources management report

Yellowstone officials say the new report “Natural Resource Vital Signs” will help the park move from a reactive management position to one of future planning.

That’s according to park spokesman Dan Hottle, who says the data has given Yellowstone the opportunity to look at the ecological health of the park and impacts from a scientific perspective.

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Lummis endorses Romney
5:24 pm
Mon November 14, 2011

Rep. Lummis endorses Romney

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - Rep. Cynthia Lummis says she's endorsing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney because she believes he's the best person to solve the nation's economic woes.

The Wyoming Republican appears to be the first prominent GOP state leader to publicly endorse a presidential candidate.

The endorsement by Lummis is important for Romney because Lummis embraces many tea party ideals. Other GOP presidential candidates, such as Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain, have been more identified
with the tea party movement.

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1:10 pm
Mon November 14, 2011

New Music for 2012

The year is starting off with a number of fine new music releases we're featuring on Morning Music

This One's For Him - A Tribute to Guy Clark  celebrating his  70th birthday.  Clark was born in Monahans, Texas on November 6, 1941.  

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9:07 am
Mon November 14, 2011

Tribes could regain authority to prosecute non-natives

On October 31 U.S. Senator and Indian Affairs Committee Chairman Daniel K. Akaka proposed legislation that would give tribal courts jurisdiction over non-Indians who committed crimes on tribal lands.

The authority to prosecute non-Natives in tribal courts was stripped in a 1978 Supreme Court ruling. Supporters of Senator Akaka’s bill say that the 1978 ruling led to an increase in violence on reservations and has resulted in unprosecuted and unpunished offenders.

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8:45 am
Mon November 14, 2011

Lawmakers consider new IT agency

Wyoming officials hope to save millions of dollars by creating a new department that will consolidate and streamline its information technology services.

A legislative panel has voted to sponsor a bill to create the Department of Enterprise Technology Services.

The proposed department would be responsible for the bulk of the state's information technology work.

The state's Division of Information Technology currently is part of the Department of Administration and Information. In addition, many state agencies have their own dedicated IT staff.

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8:43 am
Mon November 14, 2011

Jury awards $300K in youth home sex lawsuit

A former resident of a youth home in Laramie has been awarded $300,000 in his civil lawsuit stemming from a sex assault case involving the resident and a female counselor.

An Albany County jury sided with the former resident of the Cathedral Home for Children in Laramie. The lawsuit arose from a 2009 criminal case in which former counselor Katie Joseph was arrested for having a sexual
relationship with the resident. She was 31; he was 17.

8:38 am
Mon November 14, 2011

Concrete production in WY hits 10-year low

Wyoming's ready-mix concrete production is at its lowest point in a decade - an indicator of the slow economy.

The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association says Wyoming concrete hit a 10-year low last year. But that was better than the nation overall, which showed its lowest level since 1994.

The president of the Concrete Association of Wyoming told the paper that the state has been buoyed by activity in the energy industries.

He predicted that activity in 2012 would be about the same as this year.

8:20 am
Sat November 12, 2011

MLB's Wilson Ramos Rescued In Venezuela


LINDA WERTHEIMER, host: This WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News. I'm Linda Wertheimer. In Venezuela, officials have announced a dramatic end to the high-profile kidnapping of Major League Baseball catcher Wilson Ramos. Police commandos swooped in on a remote mountainous hideaway and rescued him. This was the sound at the Ramos home in Valencia, Valenzuela, when he returned there late last night.


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