1:21 am
Tue September 6, 2011

Perry Skips S.C. Tea Party Forum, 5 Others Appear

GOP presidential candidates meet at a forum in South Carolina Monday. From left to right, Rep. Michele Bachmann, businessman Herman Cain, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Rep. Ron Paul and former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney. Texas Gov. Rick Perry was not at the event.
Stephen Morton Getty Images

Five of the top six Republicans running for president spent Labor Day taking a grilling from the conservative wing of their party at a forum in Columbia, S.C.

Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina — who is a powerful voice in the early voting state and a Tea Party favorite — organized the forum, which started on a bit of a deflated note with news that Texas Gov. Rick Perry backed out at the last minute to deal with raging wildfires in his state.

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Hidden World Of Girls
10:01 pm
Mon September 5, 2011

Ex-L.A. Gang Member Trades Streets For Family Life

BooBoo (right) flashes a Playboys gang hand sign, 1993.
Robert Yager

Originally published on Tue June 10, 2014 1:20 pm

Los Angeles is arguably the epicenter of street gangs stretching back for generations. NPR's Mandalit del Barco has been documenting the lives of gang members in the city for nearly two decades. For the series "The Hidden World of Girls," produced with the Kitchen Sisters, del Barco revisits one gang girl she profiled for an NPR documentary in 1995.

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10:01 pm
Mon September 5, 2011

Proposition 8 Proponents Fight For Appeal Rights

The latest round in the legal battle over same sex marriage will be fought Tuesday in a hearing before the California State Supreme Court.

The arguments will focus not so much on same-sex marriage itself, but on Proposition 8, the voter-approved initiative banning such marriages. A federal judge has ruled Prop. 8 unconstitutional and the issue before the court on Tuesday is whether proponents of the initiative have the legal authority, or standing, to pursue an appeal.

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10:01 pm
Mon September 5, 2011

A Final Smash For America's Giant Particle Collider

A view inside the Tevatron ring, currently in its final days as a particle superhighway.
Reider Hahn Fermilab

A physicist named Dmitri Denisov walks up wooden steps to the top of something that looks sort of like an abandoned railroad bed.

"Wow, look, it's beautiful," Denisov says, gazing out at a pond. "I didn't even know about these flowers."

The tall mound of dirt he's standing on stretches off into the distance, forming a huge circle nearly four miles around — and the inside of this ring is filled with acres of restored prairie.

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The Picture Show
10:01 pm
Mon September 5, 2011

A Beautiful View, But Still A Battle Zone

Pfc. Natan Martinez fires a machine gun at an enemy fighting position near the Pakistan border in Afghanistan.
David Gilkey NPR

Originally published on Wed May 23, 2012 9:27 am

Observation Post Mustang sits high in the mountains of northeastern Afghanistan, near the Pakistan border. At an altitude of 5,600 feet, the soldiers stationed there from the Army's 2-27th Infantry Regiment have a stunning view of the Kunar River Valley far below.

But it's not all just beautiful vistas and clean mountain air. On Sunday, the forward operating base that sits in the valley below took enemy fire. NPR's David Gilkey, who is embedded with the 2-27th Infantry, photographed American soldiers as they engaged in a firefight with insurgents across the valley.

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Conservation Grant
6:24 pm
Mon September 5, 2011

Innovators share conservation grant

CASPER, WY (wpr) - The Wyoming Natural Resources Conservation Service will divide $160,000 among three recipients as Conservation Innovation Grants.

It's the first year the grants have been awarded. Cheryl Grapes of the NRCS says the money will support proven technologies and methods that could be adopted in the state.

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Nursing Grant
6:15 pm
Mon September 5, 2011

Grant meant to promote uniform curriculum for Wyoming nurses

Mary Burman
University of Wyoming

LARAMIE, WY (wpr) - Partners Investing in Nursing's Future issued a grant to the non-profit Wyoming Community Foundation last week.

The foundation will distribute the grants to fund two main goals. The first is leadership development among Wyoming nurses.

Grant Project Director Mary Burman, says the other goal is to draw more nurses graduating from baccalaureate programs.

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Reflecting On Sept. 11, 2001
1:14 pm
Mon September 5, 2011

Memories Of Sept. 11's First Casualty Burn Bright

Father Mychal Judge became a fire department chaplain in 1992 — and he liked to join company drills. One retired fireman recalls, "I could picture him, chopping down a door with an axe. He would love to do that, too."
Holy Name Province Franciscans

When planes hit the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, Father Mychal Judge ran into the North Tower alongside the firemen he served. Not long after, he became the first recorded victim of the terrorist attacks.

But 10 years later, his friends and colleagues remember Judge as vividly in death as they knew him in life: a gregarious, irreverent man wholly devoted to God, whom many considered a saint, in large part because of his own personal struggles.

Priest On A Fire Ladder

From the first, Mychal Judge loved to be where the action is.

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Around the Nation
1:00 pm
Mon September 5, 2011

'Mother Nature Has The Upperhand' In Wildfire Fight

A tinderbox landscape and unusually windy conditions have caused more than 60 wildfires to explode across Central and East Texas — creating a hellish Labor Day for thousands of Texans. Two people have been killed so far.

The worst fire is in Bastrop County, just southeast of Austin, where the blaze has been burning out of control for more than a day.

No one in Bastrop has ever seen anything like it. The tall, pine forests that were a favorite getaway for campers and city commuters have erupted into an inferno.

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12:46 pm
Mon September 5, 2011

Obama: Time To End Washington 'Games' Over Jobs

President Obama speaks during Labor Day celebrations Monday outside General Motors' headquarters in Detroit.
Mandel Ngan AFP/Getty Images

President Obama said Monday that congressional Republicans must put their country ahead of their party and vote to create new jobs as he used a boisterous Labor Day rally to aim a partisan barb at the GOP.

In a preview of the jobs speech he will deliver on Thursday to Congress, Obama said there are numerous roads and bridges that need rebuilding in the U.S., and over 1 million unemployed construction workers who are available to build them.

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