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5:43 pm
Mon June 29, 2009

More virtual schools on the way

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WPR News
5:41 pm
Mon June 29, 2009

New wildlife laws take effect this July

5:37 pm
Mon June 29, 2009

Park County officials prefer to place juvenile offenders behind bars.

Wyoming – As state lawmakers, state agencies and others look for ways to improve the juvenile justice system in Wyoming... at least one county wants to be left alone. Park County recently turned down 137-thousand dollars in federal and state grant money. The money was intended to help counties expand their treatment and detention options for kids. Addie Goss reports.

5:36 pm
Mon June 29, 2009

Wyoming's unemployment rate continues to grow.

Wyoming – The state unemployment rate has risen to five percent. This is the highest that the unemployment rate has been since June of 1999. Tom Gallagher is the manager of research and planning for the state. He discusses the job losses with Addie Goss.

5:35 pm
Mon June 29, 2009

An author argues that Poverty is worse the many believe.

Wyoming – The author of the book Breadline USA says many are unable to earn a living wage. Sasha Abramsky discusses his research with Wyoming Public Radio's Bob Beck.

5:33 pm
Mon June 29, 2009

The Grand Teton Music Festival begins its 48th season

Wyoming – Bob Beck speaks with Grand Teton Music Festival Director Donald Runnicles about the upcoming season and next weekend's music in the hole.

5:32 pm
Mon June 29, 2009

Health Care providers worry about cuts to the state Medicaid program.

Wyoming – This month the Governor announced a series of budget cuts due to a downturn in the economy. In a large cut to the department of health, the Governor said that almost 26 million dollars would be reduced from the state Medicaid reimbursement program. That is money given to doctors, hospitals and clinics to serve people who otherwise could not afford health care. That announcement stirred up the health care community as Wyoming Public Radio's Bob Beck reports

5:30 pm
Mon June 29, 2009

Cuts to programs for the Developmentally Disabled will cost jobs and services.

Wyoming – The Department of Health budget cuts may be especially hard for Wyoming's developmentally disabled. In addition to cuts in Medicaid reimbursement rates - which nearly all advocates and officials say will mean fewer services for people with developmental disabilities - budget reductions will mean a longer wait to get help in the first place. Wyoming Public Radio's Molly Messick reports.