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9:39 am
Mon February 16, 2009

Declining state revenue may mean cuts this week

4:26 am
Mon February 16, 2009

Western Democrats Eye Hard Rock Mining Law

Wyoming – Congress is starting to address an issue that has been around for awhile. The hard rock mining law has been on the book for over a century. Environmental groups and mining companies have been deadlocked for decades over its reform. As Eric Niiler reports, a new crop of conservation-minded Western Democrats in Congress could be key to a breakthrough.

4:24 am
Mon February 16, 2009

Juveniles In Jail

Wyoming – This summer we addressed the concern over the high numbers of juveniles that are ending up in jails across the state. One part of the solution hit the Senate floor this week. The bill that gets county attorneys more involved with juveniles who enter the court system at the lowest levels. It allows them to intervene if someone is showing up in municipal court. The Wyoming association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police support the bill. Their Director is Byron Oedekoven he joins Bob Beck.

4:22 am
Mon February 16, 2009

Domestic Violence Up with Slumping Economy

Wyoming – Domestic violence seems to be on the rise in Wyoming. The Division of Victim Services reports a 17 percent increase in the number of victims served between 2007 and 2008. Wyoming Public Radio's Renny MacKay reports this may very well be tied to the downturn in the economy.

4:20 am
Mon February 16, 2009

Wyoming Women Not Yet Equal

Wyoming – Wyoming ranks among the worst states when it comes to equal pay for women, a new study finds. The Wyoming Women Status Report released Friday says women on average earn only 63 percent as men do in Wyoming. The national average is about 78 percent. The report says the wage gap is the biggest employment issue facing women in the state. Teresa de Groh, chair of the Wyoming Council for Women's Issues, joins Bob Beck to talk about the study.

4:18 am
Mon February 16, 2009

New Ozone Study Planned

Wyoming – It's ozone alert season in Sublette County - and air quality testing is about to go to ground level. University of Wyoming researchers are looking for volunteers to wear special ozone data badges and keep logs of their whereabouts during high ozone days. Robert Field is an air quality measurement specialist at UW and one of the researchers. He explains how the study will work to Addie Goss

4:03 am
Mon February 16, 2009

Crying Wolf Management

3:59 am
Mon February 16, 2009

Raise Taxes? Sure.

Wyoming – One topic that hasn't come up this legislative session is severance taxes. These are the taxes Wyoming levies on companies that extract minerals like oil, gas, and coal. Samuel Western recently published an article in WyoFile arguing that Wyoming should raise its severance taxes. Addie Goss asked him to explain the changes he wants to see.

3:57 am
Mon February 16, 2009

Taking Chance

Wyoming – In April of 2004, a 19-year-old Wyoming native was killed in action in Iraq. Lance Corporal Chance Phelps had volunteered to man a machine gun in the last vehicle of a convoy traveling outside of Baghdad. The convoy came under fire. Chance stayed true to his post. He covered the rest of the convoy until he was fatally wounded.

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