WPR News
8:52 am
Fri January 25, 2008

Coal-Gasification Project On Hold

Laramie, WY – A proposed coal-gasification plant is on hold indefinitely.

The Wyoming Infrastructure Authority and PacifiCorp entered into a partnership last year to find out if such a plant would be feasible.

On Friday the group announced it will be too expensive. Steve Waddington of the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority says one factor was lack of federal funding.

Waddington says the state hasn't given up on the project, and it will turn its attention next to getting support from Washington.

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WPR News
8:46 am
Fri January 25, 2008

Man Sentenced for Vehicular Homicide

Laramie, WY – A judge on Thursday sentenced a Sheridan man to serve between five to 10 years in prison on a conviction of vehicular homicide.

Authorities say Russell DeSantis was drunk when he drove head-on into a motorcycle driven by John Lindgren of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The crash happened Sept. 3 on Highway 14 in the Big Horn Mountains. Lindgren and his brother had been traveling to Yellowstone National Park on separate motorcycles.

DeSantis apologized to Lindgren's family in court.

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WPR News
8:44 am
Fri January 25, 2008

Casper Considers Rezoning

Laramie, WY – Casper officials want to rezone an industrial district near the center of the city.

The Old Yellowstone section of town used to be a strip of automotive shops where tourists would stop on their way to Yellowstone National Park. After the interstate highway was built, business dried up and many of the shops closed, leaving vacant lots and empty buildings. Casper's administrative analyst, Peter Meyers, says the area can be revitalized.

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6:54 am
Fri January 25, 2008

Sled Dog Race gets underway

Wyoming – Elsa Partan talks about the annual International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog race with last years winner.

6:49 am
Fri January 25, 2008

Roadless debate continues

Wyoming – Bob Beck reviews the Clinton Roadless Rule and why Wyoming continues to oppose it.

6:43 am
Fri January 25, 2008

Reporters discuss wolves

Jackson, WY – Jackson Hole News and Guide Co-editor Angus Thuermur and Powell Tribune Editor Ilene Olson discuss the recent statewide wolf meetings and what is next.

6:38 am
Fri January 25, 2008

Wyoming's wolf plan explained

Jackson, WY – Rebecca Huntington reports on how Jackson residents are reacting to the states proposed wolf management plan.

6:32 am
Fri January 25, 2008

Cough Syrup can be trouble

Jackson, WY – Jackson Doctor Brent Blue explains cough syrup abuse and why some other the counter drugs are dangerous.

6:28 am
Fri January 25, 2008

Wyoming has a history with Uranium

Wyoming – UW History Professor Phil Roberts remembers when many in the state tried to market uranium.

6:24 am
Fri January 25, 2008

Construction going strong in Wyoming

Wyoming – Despite downturns nationally, construction jobs thrive in Wyoming, but that may soon change. The Contractors Association's Jonathon Downing discusses the future with Bob Beck.