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2:55 am
Tue July 31, 2007

Jury Selection Continues For Wheatland Man


Greeley, Colorado – Jury selection has resumed this morning in the attempted-murder trial of a former University of Northern
Colorado punter.
Mitch Cozad of Wheatland, Wyoming is also charged with
second-degree assault in an attack last September on Rafael
He was stabbed in his kicking leg. Police have said they believe
Cozad stabbed Mendoza in an attempt to get his job as the starting
So many questionnaires had to be printed for potential jurors

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11:37 am
Mon July 30, 2007

Dog Fighting

Wyoming – Dog fighting is a felony in 48 states. In Wyoming and Idaho, it's a misdemeanor. Some animal rights organizers are trying to change that, but many others are asking whether dog fighting ever happens in Wyoming. Elsa Heidorn reports.

11:35 am
Mon July 30, 2007

Senator Mike Enzi on Health Care

Wyoming – Bob Beck interviews Senator Mike Enzi. Enzi says he's working with Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy to address problems with health care, but not in a comprehensive bill.

11:33 am
Mon July 30, 2007

Wyoming Woman Climbs Up The Economic Ladder

Wyoming – There's a large wage gap between men and women that's not getting any smaller. But one woman is climbing up wind turbines in order to pull herself up the wage scale. Peter O'Dowd reports.

11:30 am
Mon July 30, 2007

DFS Director Optimistic On the Outlook for Families

Wyoming – Bob Beck interviews Department of Family Services director Tony Lewis. Lewis reviews the latest statistics on poverty in the state, and says he's upbeat about the future.

11:29 am
Mon July 30, 2007

Controversial Coal Mining Practices Come Under Scrutiny

Wyoming – Congressional Democrats review a law that regulates coal mining practices. Ben Tabor reports from Capitol Hill.

11:26 am
Mon July 30, 2007

Reporter's Roundtable

Cheyenne, WY – When Robin Munis was shot onstage at the Old Chicago Restaurant in Cheyenne, it set off a firestorm of media coverage. Reporter's Roundtable with Elsa Heidorn.

11:23 am
Mon July 30, 2007

Fitness in the Golden Years

Wyoming – Staying fit gets tougher as we get older, but these experts say it's one of the most important things we can do for our bodies, and for the nation's health care bill.

11:11 am
Mon July 30, 2007

Kids Count Report Shows Wyoming Improving

Wyoming – Kristin Espeland interviews Wyoming's Kid count coordinator Marc Homer. He says there's more to Wyoming's national rank than meets the eye.

11:09 am
Mon July 30, 2007

Laramie Dinosaur Update

Laramie, WY – A Laramie paleontologist is piecing together the life and times of a massive plant-eating dinosaur she found last fall. Lara Barbier reports.