WPR News
3:52 am
Thu October 26, 2006

Hathaway Requirements May Be Beefed Up

Casper, Wy – State lawmakers are looking at gradually
increasing coursework requirements for students to qualify for the
Hathaway Scholarship over the next several years.
Yesterday (Wednesday) the Legislature's Joint Education
Committee discussed minimal requirements that would go into effect
in 2008.
The requirements would then be increased through the Class of
Students currently don't have to take any particular classes to
get the scholarship. They only have to meet minimum A-C-T and

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WPR News
3:50 am
Thu October 26, 2006

Frayed Rope May Have Killed Climber

Laramie, Wy – A friend who's scaled peaks with renowned
rock climber Todd Skinner says Skinner sometimes used gear beyond
its life span, something that may have led to his death.
Skinner plunged to his death Monday in Yosemite National Park
while climbing an imposing rock face near Bridalveil Fall.
It will take authorities days -- possibly weeks -- to officially
determine why Skinner fell 500 feet to his death.
A witness says as Skinner lowered himself down the rock wall, a

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WPR News
9:27 am
Wed October 25, 2006

Computer Maps May Help Fight Fires

Laramie, WY – The federal government has a new computer program that may help prevent forest fires. It's called Landfire and it maps the country, identifying areas that are likely to burn. Kristine Lee is working on the project and says it's valuable because it shows land owners and managers what the landscape looks like on their property and on land nearby.

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WPR News
9:21 am
Wed October 25, 2006

Dem Candidate Says Private Equities Too Risky

Laramie, WY – The candidates for state treasurer debated the best way to invest the state's money in Casper last night. Democrat Ron Redo says he would avoid investing in private equities. Those are investments that are NOT traded on the stock market for example, venture capital or growth capital. Redo notes that the state's current investors have purchased private equities.

"They've gotten into the private equity market, and that to me is a little too risky," Redo said.

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WPR News
9:14 am
Wed October 25, 2006

Different Visions of Auditor's Office

Laramie, WY – The Democrat running for auditor continues to call for changes in that office. Bill Eikenberry says he wants more transparency and accountability in the state auditor's office, especially when it comes to federal grants.

"There's a general lack of oversight, there's a general lack of control. And I think that is where I would start as state auditor," he said.

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WPR News
1:01 am
Wed October 25, 2006

Group Wants To Shut Out Snowmobiles


Laramie, Wy – New scientific data shows noise levels from Snowmobiles have exceeded standards in Yellowstone for the third straight winter. One group is calling for their abolishment in Yellowstone because of the new Park Service policy called Conservation First . The Coalition of Park Service Retiree's Rick Smith says snowmobiles should be removed, but he wonders whether that will happen. Smith doubts there would be a negative economic impact, because he claims that other winter uses are gaining in popularity.

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WPR News
12:59 am
Wed October 25, 2006

Todd Skinner Killed At Yosemite

Laramie, Wy – A renowned rock climber
and author who made a name for himself scaling peaks around the
world was killed yesterday when he fell 500 feet near Bridalveil
Park officials say Todd Skinner and his party had completed a
new route up what is known as "Leaning Tower" and was rappelling
when he fell to his death.
It was not immediately clear why Skinner, who claimed to have
set climbing records in 26 countries, fell.
The cause of his death was being investigated by the Mariposa
County coroner's office.

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WY Elections
11:54 am
Tue October 24, 2006

Debate between candidates for Treasurer

Wyoming – Debate between candidates for Treasurer: Joe Meyer (R) and Ron Redo (D)

WY Elections
11:46 am
Tue October 24, 2006

Debate between candidates for Auditor

Wyoming – Debate between candidates for Auditor: Bill Eikenberry (D) and Rita Meyer (R)

WPR News
1:52 am
Tue October 24, 2006

Cubin Accused Of Threat


Casper, Wy – Republican congresswoman Barbara Cubin is
scheduled to make a campaign appearance today (Tuesday) in Rock
Springs amid a flap over a verbal exchange she had with a
Libertarian candidate.
Libertarian U-S House candidate Thomas Rankin says Cubin
threatened to slap him after Sunday night's debate in Casper.
Rankin told The Associated Press that Cubin approached him and
said, quote: "If you weren't sitting in that chair, I'd slap you
across the face."
During the debate, Cubin and Rankin had a testy exchange over

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