WPR News
7:30 am
Mon July 10, 2006

Groutage and Thomas Disagree Over Coal to Diesel Efforts


Laramie, Wy – The Democratic candidate for U-S Senate says incumbent Craig Thomas has failed the state by not bringing in money to build a coal to diesel plant.
Dale Groutage says creating gas and diesel from coal is key to creating energy independence. And he says Senator Thomas has had his opportunity to attract a plant to the state.
In response Senator Thomas' spokesperson says that there are several companies looking to build coal to diesel plants in Wyoming. And those companies are benefiting from federal financing that Thomas helped arrange.

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WPR News
7:27 am
Mon July 10, 2006

More Opposition to Wyoming Range Drilling

Laramie, Wy – The plan to allow more drilling in the Wyoming Range is getting criticism from all over. The governor has opposed it, so did Senator Craig Thomas. Now the Wyoming Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife have also voiced their opposition to the plan.
The Vice President of the Petroleum Association of Wyoming, John Robitaille, says some areas of the Wyoming Range are not appropriate for development, but others are with certain guidelines.
Robitaille says they can do reclamation so people would never know that there was drilling.

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8:22 am
Fri July 7, 2006

Prescription Drugs

Wyoming – Prescription drugs can eat up a family's budget, especially if that budget is at or below the federal poverty line and if the person who needs the medicine doesn't qualify for federal assistance to help off-set the cost of prescription drugs. A Wyoming prescription drug assistance program used to step in where other programs left off helping low-income Wyomingites of any age buy up to three prescription drugs a month with a low co-pay.

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8:19 am
Fri July 7, 2006

Energy Efficient Home

Wyoming – Dan Chiras shows Bob Beck how to make a home more energy efficient.

8:17 am
Fri July 7, 2006

Reporter's Roundtable

Wyoming – On our reporters' roundtable, Jessica Lowell joins Renny MacKay to share how she uncovered a city contractor's fraudulent past.

8:14 am
Fri July 7, 2006

Voices Against Energy Development

Wyoming – Renny MacKay reports on how outfitters and outdoor enthusiasts are raising their voices against energy development.

8:13 am
Fri July 7, 2006

Wyoming's Statehood

Wyoming – Historian Phil Roberts recounts the story of Wyoming's statehood.

8:11 am
Fri July 7, 2006

Grand Teton Music Festival

Wyoming – The Grand Teton Music Festival kicks off this month with a brand new music director; Donald Runnicles joins Kristin Espeland.

8:09 am
Fri July 7, 2006

Prebles Meadow Jumping Mouse

Wyoming – Scientists and developers haggle over the status of the Prebles Meadow jumping mouse once again.

8:06 am
Fri July 7, 2006

Golf Course Development

Laramie, Wyoming – A proposed golf course development in Laramie draws fire over water quality concerns; Bob Beck reports.