Cheyenne, Wy –
State officials intercepted a letter intended for Governor Dave Freudenthal that is similar to ones received by several other Governors. The letters were designed to ignite when opened. Employees in the State's central mail office noticed the suspicious letter; they x-rayed it and after noting suspicious materials inside the White Business size envelope, contacted law enforcement authorities. Wyoming's Homeland Security Office used a robot to remove the letter.

Laramie, Wy – The Albany County Clerk says if there is support for a special election in Laramie on the smoking ban she won't be able to run it November second. That's the date of the federal and state general election. Jackie Gonzalez says she let the city know about her decision in a letter.
The special election could happen on November second but the city have to run it; this would require Laramie to rent voting machines. Gonzalez says she could run the special election if it was done on a different date.

Douglas, WY – The U-S Department of Energy has given Wyoming a grant to promote geothermal energy. The hope is more people will tap into this renewable energy source. The Converse Area New Development Organization is adminstering the grant and Business Development Director Ed Werner says the sources of reneable energy is most applicable in Wyoming. He says it can be used to both cool and heat homes and Hot Springs county has great potential for geothermal development.

Cheyenne, WY – Four environmental groups plan to file suit over a decision not to list the Bonneville cutthroat trout under the Endangered Species Act. The Biodiversity Legal Foundation sought to list the species in 1998 and the U-S Fish and Wildlife Service announced in 2001 it would not list the Bonneville cutthroat. The four groups filed a 60 day notice of intent to use the government, claiming the Bonneville cutthroat inhabits less than 10 percent of its former range. The Bonneville cutthroat is Utah's state fish.

Laramie, Wy – This week the Laramie City Council approved a ban on smoking in bars, restaurants and private clubs. Now an opposition group is trying to overturn the ordinance. Joe Hageman is a member of the organization. He says they just started a petition drive to get the issue on the ballot in November. Hageman says he believes it will end up on the ballot and the people will overturn the vote of the council.


Laramie, Wy – Wyoming's congressional delegation is trying to make the state sales tax deductable from federal tax bills. Representative Barbara Cubin says Wyoming citizens and residents of six other states carry a heavier tax burden then states with an income tax. While he has no doubt that someone would benefit from it, Congressional Candidate Ted Ladd insists that changing the tax laws to allow Wyoming residents to deduct sales taxes will mostly make doing taxes even more complicated.

Casper, Wy – A Wildlife Biologist is casting doubt on the perception that wolves and grizzly bears are decimating the Jackson Hole moose population. Joel Berger from the Wildlife Conservation Society has studied those moose for the last decade and watched the population decline. He says grizzlies and wolves are playing a role in that, but only a minor one.

Powell, Wy – A National Park Service study recommends
that the World War two Japanese internment camp near Powell be considered for National Historical Landmark designation.
The Heart Mountain Relocation Center site was one of nine properties recommended for historic landmark designation out of the 37 sites nationwide that were examined.
The study focused on sites associated with Japanese American exclusion, relocation and detention and with Japanese American service in the U-S Military during World War II.

Wyoming –

Topic: Wyoming native has received a major award from a group of conservation and sportsmen organizations. John Turner of Moose was named this years winner of the National Resource Council of America's Public Service Award.

Topic: The U-S Department of Energy has given Wyoming a grant to promote geothermal energy; Guest: Ed Werner of the Converse Area New Development Organization.

Topic: A humans rights video project will be taking place in Fremont County; Guest: Julie Edward, Librarian at the Riverton Library.

Cheyenne, Wy – Nine volunteers from the Wyoming Red Cross are currently in Florida helping with the recovery from the two recent hurricanes. Eight were sent there this weekend to respond to Hurricane Frances, while one of the two volunteers that went for Charley is still in Florida. Wyoming Red Cross Manager David Morikawa says they are waiting for a clearer picture before they determine if more Cowboy State volunteers are needed. Morikawa says the hurricanes are putting a tremendous strain on national Red Cross resources.