Kaycee, WY – A state Senator from Kaycee is optimistic Chevron/Texaco will accept Wyoming's latest offer to acquire land around the Fort Phil Kearney historic site. John Schiffer believes the offer is equitable for the oil company. He says the state has a great opportunity to protect the area's viewshed. Schiffer says the land in question resembles what the area looked like in the 1860's.

Casper, WY – Growing concern over the rising cost of medical malpractice insurance is prompting calls for a special session of the Wyoming legislature. The Casper Area Chamber of Commerce recently adopted a resolution urging the Governor to call a special session. Chamber Executive Director Chris Holden says their members are all being impacted by the insurance increases, hearing their doctors talk about retiring early or taking jobs elsewhere. Holden says it it's going to take a constitutional amendment to fix the problem, a sense of urgency is needed.

Wyoming – No Wyoming Today because of Presidential Speech

Wyoming – Chevron/Texaco officials are mulling over the latest Wyoming proposal to acquire land around the Fort Phil Kearny historic site. Wyoming Public Radio's Jim Morgan reports concerns are mounting about the oil company's plans to sell it's ranch surrounding the fort.

Farson, Wy – A rancher and veterinarian is joining the race for Wyoming's lone congressional seat. Marvin Applequist the 2nd says he wants to be elected to represent the more rural elements of the state. Applequist says one issue he would watch carefully is government spending.
Applequist will run as a Republican.

Cheyenne, Wy – Months ago, national fire managers predicted the
2004 wildfire season would be a bad one.
Now, they're changing their forecast: It's going to be worse.
With unseasonably warm temperatures in March and April, the
potential loss of heavy air tankers for safety reasons, and a
years-long drought continuing, Western states and the federal
government are grimly facing the possibility of another devastating
fire season.
Years of drought have left states across the West vulnerable to
extreme fire conditions.

Indianapolis, IN – Rulon Gardner will be heading back to the Olympic Games. Gardner won a pair of tight 2-to-1 overtime decisions over top-seeded Dremiel Byers Sunday to secure the return trip to the Olympics. The Afton native was the 2000 Greco-Roman super heavyweight gold medalist at the Sydney Games. Gardner thought going to the Olympics was an impossible goal after losing a toe to frostbite when he was stranded in a Wyoming blizzard on a snomobile in early 2002. He's had to adjust to wrestling without the balance and leverage he lost when his toe was removed.


Laramie, Wy –
University of Wyoming trustees have agreed to continue looking at a proposal for a new 27-hole golf course and residential housing development behind Jacoby Golf. It would add a 3 million dollar clubhouse, a nine million dollar golf course and a million and half in other structures. University of Wyoming President Phil Dubois says it should have a positive cash flow in five years. Area banker and Laramie Economic Development Council member Gary Negich says it could be a tremendous boost to Laramie's economy.

Wyoming – Topic: Bob Beck reports on enhanced drunk driving laws
Topic: Wyoming Reporter's Roundtable

Wyoming –

Topic: Bob Beck reports on enhanced drunk driving laws
Topic: Wyoming Reporter's Roundtable