Krystal Brown

Programming Student Intern

Although not originally born in Wyoming, Krystal Brown considers her true home to be Powell where she spent her childhood learning to love the “Forever West.” Unready to leave the state, Krystal was drawn to the University of Wyoming, where she discovered her true calling, Communication. She looks forward to graduating this May with her Bachelors in Communication and then getting married in August.

Her interests include reading fiction, origami, and playing with her two temperamental rabbits. Although her dream career remains a mystery to her, one thing is for certain, it will involve writing. Krystal is very excited to be working at WPR and looks forward to the learning experience.

Wyoming Stories
3:00 pm
Sat April 12, 2014

Wyoming Stories: An Unexpected Late Night Visit

Morrison and John Simms

When John Simms moved to Jackson, he started a business giving tours of the Flag Ranch. After getting married, he started Jackson White Water Trips. In this story, John tells his daughter Morrison about an unexpected late night visit to their Jackson home.

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Wyoming Stories
1:50 pm
Wed April 9, 2014

Wyoming Stories: Childhood Prank Teaches Harold Turner A Life Lesson

Harold Turner

Harold Turner grew up on the Triangle X Ranch in Jackson, Wyoming. Here, he recounts how some childhood mischief taught him a valuable lesson.

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