13 Economic Development Grants Awarded

Cheyenne, WY – Over $10 Million worth of state economic development grants were handed out Thursday by the Wyoming Business Council. Those included office buildings in Green River and Gillette. Karla Fiebelkorn is a Business Council Board member from Gillette. She says they've had businesses express interest in Gillette, but no buildings to put them in. Fiebelkorn thinks they'll have a business for this building before it's even built. Also approved were infrastructure projects for airport business parks in Cody and Laramie. Shawn Reese is the Business Ready Community Program Manager for the Wyoming Business Council. Reese says with these business parks and all of the projects in the program, the rate of return will not just be measured by jobs created, but also by what is learned. Reese says they plan to share what they learn in Cody and Laramie with officials in Hullett and Saratoga, which are also considering airport business parks.