2006 Big Year for Job Creation

Laramie, Wy – Wyoming's unemployment rate continues to fall. The state Department of Employment says the jobless rate dropped to just three percent in November. That's a half a percent lower than the rate calculated this time a year ago. Meantime, the state saw job growth in 2006 of four-point-eight percent. That's among the highest in the country. Given these facts, it may be tough for the jobless level to dip much lower. That's according to the Department of Employment's Tom Gallagher. He says there are about 8,500 people who still can't find work.
"I suspect that one of the reasons that they're not successfully finding work is that they are living at one end of the state while the job demand is at another part of the state."
Gallagher says the rapid growth in the mining, construction and other sectors would not be possible without workers coming in from other states.