237 years of independence and energy

Jul 4, 2013

The Energy Information Administration says that in the 237 years since the adoption of the Declaration of Independence the U.S. has gone from using primarily renewable resources like wood and water to using fossil fuels.

Statistician at the EIA, Tyson Brown, says he compiled the brief just for fun, but says it’s still enlightening to look at the long-term changes.

“What types of fuels do we use, what type of technologies are available for fuels to use, all of that has changed over time. But in the recent history, we’ve reached a steady state and you can see by the predominance in natural gas, petroleum, and coal as the main fuels for all energy consumption in the U.S. since probably the ‘70s,” says Brown.

Brown says the main fossil fuels will probably continue to dominate the U.S. energy market until 2040, when the U.S. Declaration of Independence will turn 264.