300 Errant Bison Will Be Trucked Back to Yellowstone

Laramie, WY – The National Park Service and the state of Montana agreed today to truck a group of about 300 bison deep into Yellowstone National Park if they resist the latest hazing efforts. Governor Schweitzer announced the plan with Suzanne Lewis, Yellowstone's superintendent. Schweitzer says the agreement was hammered out with the help of Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne. Schweitzer says the park service agreed to bend its rules and allow them to truck the bison deep into the park should they come back out, but he says early reports indicate the lastest hazing effort may be working. Mike Mease is co-founder of the Buffalo Field Campaign. He says he's glad they're not going to kill the bison, but he'd still like to see bison have room outside the park to roam. Errol Rice is the executive vice president of the Stockgrowers Association. He says they can live with the plan for the short term.