3rd Party Gearing Up

Cheyenne, Wy – A new third-party political movement in
Wyoming. Leaders of the two established political parties say it's
NOT likely.
Nationally, there are a variety of middle-of-the-road political
groups springing up, from the Centrist Party, to the American
Centrist Party to Denver-based Unity Oh-Eight.
In fact, former Wyoming Republican Party Chairman Tom Strook is
a founder of Unity Oh-Eight, which seeks to pair Republicans and
Democrats on split-party tickets to appeal to moderate voters.
But Wyoming Democratic Party Spokesman Bill Luckett says third
parties typically haven't been successful unless they find
charismatic leaders who can transcend the party's lofty goals.
And Wyoming Republican Party Chairman Drake Hill says people who
vote Republican tend to do so because they agree with the party's
None of the new centrist political parties is fielding
candidates in Wyoming this year.