4 "Suspect" Brucellosis Test Results

Pinedale, WY – Some 3,200 negative tests have come back on cattle that may have come into contact with the brucellosis-infected cows in Sublette County. But there were four suspect cases, two each in two different herds. State Veterinarian Jim Logan says those animals registered positive results on two tests, but negative on two, more sensitive tests. The testing being done looks for titer levels, which are a measure of antibodies to the brucellosis disease. A high titer level is a strong indicator of a cow having the disease, but Logan says these positive tests weren't just above the limit for a negative result. Logan says it is possible these suspects could have the disease, he just doesn't think it's all that probable. He believes stress is a more likely cause. Logan says the even positive tests seem to back that up because they were at levels just high enough to come back as positive. He says the titer levels are much lower then what was seen in the infected animals.