AARP says fewer concern in Wyoming about health care overhaul

Cheyenne, Wy – As the U.S. Senate works to merge two competing health care bills, the Wyoming AARP says public anxiety about health care reform seems to have waned since June and July. State director Tim Summers says the organization gets far fewer calls now than it did a few months ago from people who are reacting to what he terms frightening rumors. Now, he says, most people call with specific questions. And most support some kind of reform.

"Most of their concerns have to do with individual concerns. How will this impact me? But then, almost in the same breath, we hear them say, "Boy, something's got to be done." That sentiment is very strong, I would say."

There was a demonstration in support of health care reform, not organized by the AARP, in Cheyenne last week. That was the day after Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi voted against one version of a health care bill that was approved by of the Senate Finance Committee.