Abortion measure defeated in committee

Cheyenne, WY – A bill that would have required women considering an abortion to get an ultrasound was defeated by a legislative committee.

Sponsor Bob Brechtel of Casper says the goal was to try toconvince women not to have an abortion. He says those who have abortions will regret it in the future. But Gillette Republican Sue Wallis firmly told the committee that she had an abortion and was comfortable that she made the right choice. Wallis, who has three children, took a dim view of the legislation: "The obvious blatant intention of the legislation before you is to intimidate women. That intimidation is nothing that this government should insert into a woman's most basic rights to privacy."

The Wyoming Medical Society also opposed the bill. The committee is still considering a bill that would require the state to collect data on abortions and make the information available to the public.