Abortion protestors and counter protestors clash in Jackson

Jackson, WY – Some 40 protestors lined Jackson's busiest street on today/Wednesday. Their aim is to draw attention to abortions being performed at a Jackson clinic. They displayed dozens of signs, including some with graphic images of fetuses, and pointed in the direction of Dr. Brent Blue's family and emergency medicine clinic, called Emerg-A-Care.
Ante Pavkovic drove from North Carolina with his wife and son to join the protest.
"I know what we're showing you and what we're saying is hard to see and hear, but it's the sad truth. We would like for you to see it and look at it and understand we're just trying to expose a great evil in our nation that's going on right in that building over there.
But some of the graphic images the protestors displayed offended Jackson resident Esther Judge when she unexpectedly drove by the signs this/Wednesday morning with her 6-year-old son in the car.
"It was too graphic, it was offensive, it was totally one hundred percent uncalled for."
Judge started a counter protest with a hand-lettered pro-choice sign, and drew about 20 supporters. The pro-life protest is being organized by a Kansas-based group called Operation Save America. They say their goal is to make Wyoming the nation's first abortion-free state, and they say the protest will continue into the weekend.