Acting President says UW will be fine

Nov 21, 2013

The acting President of the University of Wyoming says it’s time to put the past behind and move forward with plans to make the University even better. 

In his first public appearance since the resignation of former President Bob Sternberg, Dick McGinity told the Laramie Rotary Club that the team that is currently leading the University will do good work and find specific ways to improve U-W.  As he takes over the reins of the University McGinity remains optimistic.

“The brainpower within the faculty and the quality of the students, all the ingredients are there to make an already good University really, really, good.”

McGinity says the trustees are in the process of trying to decide how they will replace Sternberg and the rest of the campus is back to work.

“Remember what our responsibilities are and just return to them and start doing them.  And for the rest of it the trustees will consider and will consider the long term issues. “

McGinity says his goal is to find specific ways to build the value of the University.