After Error Cheyenne School District Repays State

Laramie, Wy – Cheyenne school officials have agreed to
repay the state almost 379-thousand dollars that the district improperly received after incorrectly calculating teachers' seniority for payroll purposes.
A state audit last year found that school districts around Wyoming had collected more than six million dollars from the state that they weren't entitled to. Laramie County School District 1 received about one-point-three million dollars of that.
But the state isn't asking for all of the money back. In fact, the school district's payment is only about 28 percent of the total amount received in error.
Mary Kay Hill of the Education Department says the department has come under criticism for not asking for all of the money back.
Still, trustee Dale Vosler said he voted to approve the repayment under protest. He says the overpayments were caused by errors at the Education Department, not by the school district.