A.G. Protests Proposal to Abandon Rail Line

Laramie, Wy – The state's Attorney General is trying to help reopen a sawmill in Saratoga.
Pat Crank filed a protest with the federal Surface Transportation Board. In the protest he wrote the sawmill in Saratoga could not operate again if the Transportation Board allows a rail company to abandon a line used for transporting wood out of Saratoga. The mill shut down nearly two years ago, but the Attorney General wrote that it is set to open again October 15th and it would provide 70 full time jobs. An employee of the company that owns the mill testified that there is no other feasible way to transport lumber products from Saratoga to the market other than via train.
The Transportation Board will look at the potential damages to the rail company if the line stays open versus the damages to the public that would result if the line is abandoned.