AIDS Bill Could Include Money for American Indians

Washington, D.C. – A bill designed to combat AIDS globally is
expected to include $2 billion for American Indians.

That's according to Senator John Thune, a South Dakota Republican.

Thune and other senators pushing for the Indian money as part of the $50 billion AIDS bill made a deal with Democratic leaders. The agreement will include $1 billion for water projects on Indian
reservations, $750 million for tribal law enforcement and $250 million for Indian health care services.

It's similar to an amendment Thune planned to offer to the legislation. But under the new agreement, the money would be added
to the bill with no objections and no roll call vote.

Thune says it's a big commitment to improve the quality of life on reservations.

He says he even recruited New York Senator Hillary Clinton to support the amendment. Clinton visited South Dakota reservations
during her failed Democratic presidential bid.