Air Enhancement Fund Won't Be Spent

Cheyenne, WY – The Wyoming Business Council Board of Directors decided Thursday not to spend any of the three million dollar fund to improve air service. The fund was created by the legislature a year ago to help communities statewide. But the board was reluctant to take a risk on revenue guarantees to lure airlines and wasn't convinced this was an appropriate way to use state money. Board Chairman John Kauchich says the program's statewide approach may have to be amended. He says much like other Wyoming economic development programs, you start at the local community. Kauchich says if the community supports it, then it would make sense to have a fund to help. The decision could put summer service between Cody and Denver in jeopardy. The Cody-Yellowstone Air Service Organization recently reached an agreement with United for the service. But the organization was counting on the state to help create a revenue guarantee fund.