Air monitor stays in Converse County

Jan 9, 2014

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality has decided to keep an air quality monitor in Converse County for another year.

DEQ placed a mobile monitor near Douglas after residents voiced concerns about emissions from new energy development in the area. So far, there’s no indication that air quality standards have been violated, but there were several days with high pollution levels.

Typically, DEQ moves their mobile air quality monitors to new locations each year, but the agency’s Cara Keslar says they want to keep a close eye on this area.

“There’s going to be more development out there , so we made the decision to keep it there until we really understand where the development is going to happen,” Keslar said.

Environmental groups are praising the decision.

“People are happy to know that it’s going to stay,” said the Powder River Basin’s Jill Morrison. “We think it should stay, because there’s going to be increased drilling and new gas plant processing.”

Keslar says DEQ could consider placing a permanent air quality monitoring station in Converse County in the future.