Airline Expects to Lose Money on Cody-Denver Flights

Cody, WY – United Airlines and officials in Cody disagree over the potential success of Cody to Denver flights this summer. The deal for the service between United and the Cody Yellowstone Air Service Organization includes a revenue guarantee. Under it, the two sides set a revenue target and the community would need to pay United only if that target isn't met. Rick Wilder of the Cody Yellowstone Air Service Organization disagrees with United. He thinks the service will break even or make money. But regardless of success, Wilder says the service is better then what's there now. Wilder thinks United is being conservative in their estimates because of the current airline industry climate. If United is correct and the service loses money, that loss would be absorbed by the community and possibly the state. Wilder's group plans to apply for money from the state's air service enhancement fund.