Airport Manager Questions Enhancement Efforts

Casper, WY – These days it's a popular position to support improvements to Wyoming air service. But the airport manager in Casper says for all the talk, there hasn't been much in terms of results. Dan Mann says across the state, there's less service, higher airfares, and more travelers driving out of state to start their trips. He says the University of Wyoming produced a bold study on the subject, but that's where it stopped. Mann credits the legislature for creating a three million dollar fund to help air service, but says the Business Council walked away from its responsibility by not spending any of that money. He claims that set back Casper's efforts to attract Northwest Airlines by at least two months, and possibly as much as a year. Mann admits Wyoming is challenged by its low population and by the climate of the airline industry. He says the reality is that communities will need to put money forward if they hope to improve their situation.