Albany County Highway Most Dangerous In The State

Laramie, Wy –

Wyoming Highway 230 from Woods Landing to Colorado saw the highest rate of fatal and serious injury accidents of any stretch of road in the state from 2000 to 2004. That's according to a report released today (Tuesday) by The Road Information Program, or TRIP. The group's statistics say Highway 230 had 12 serious injury crashes and two fatalities in the four year span. The road ranked first because less then 700 vehicles travel it every day.
Wyoming 51 from Gillette to Rozet and Wyoming 238 west of
U.S.-89 near Afton are second and third on the list. Wyoming 222
west of Jackson to the Idaho state line and Wyoming 132 south of
Kinnear round out the top five.
The group says that adding rumble strips, turn lanes and
building additional lanes could help improve the state's roadways.