Albany County Landowners Worry The CAPP Resolution Could Threaten Their Homes

Aug 6, 2012

Some landowners on the aquifer recharge area east of Laramie object to language in the Albany County Casper Aquifer Protection Plan’s draft resolution. The document forbids certain development over certain parts of the aquifer to protect the water source. Among her grievances, landowner Shelley Towler says it’s confusing that one part of the document grandfathers-in previously legal septic systems in vulnerable areas, while a separate, unconnected part forbids the “use” of a septic system in such an area. Towler says, whether the county intends to discontinue existing septic systems, the language does not protect homeowners. “It would be very easy for a lawyer or government to enforce this as a complete exclusion.” The draft resolution is open for public comment until Tuesday, but Towler says the Albany County Board of Commissioners needs to take more time to fix the problems with the document. Towler says she plans to run for a spot on the Board of Commissioners this fall.