Albany County subdivision plan draws anger

Laramie, Wyo. – A plan for a new subdivision in Albany County has neighbors divided.

The plan would cut up part of the Centennial Valley, just outside of Laramie, into 26 lots. Each lot would be two to five acres large.

Winifred Smith is the owner of the land. She says she's spent 21 years there, first trying to raise goats, and then horses.

"You cannot eke out an agricultural existence on these 155 acres," Smith said.

Several of Smith's neighbors are opposing her plan. Barb Johnson is one of them.

"You know at some point you just have to stop and see what your assets are in the county, and this valley is one of Laramie's last pristine areas," Johnson said.

So far, the county planning commission has agreed with Johnson. The group has no decision-making power, but recommended the plan be denied.

Smith says she will consider changing the lot size if it helps make the plan more acceptable.

The Albany County Commissioners will consider the issue in the coming weeks.