ALEC gives Wyoming high marks

Apr 25, 2012

The American Legislative Exchange Council or ALEC has given Wyoming high marks for its economic policies.  The state was ranked number one for its economic performance over the last ten years,and ALEC ranks Wyoming as having the forth best economic outlook.  

The group’s Jonathon Williams says some of the reason for this is obviously due to Wyoming’s energy industry.  But he credits the state for having the initiative to utilize itsresourceseffectively.

“Take a look at California for instance," Williams said. "It’s blessed with some of the best natural resources in the country.  They don’t want to utilize those natural resources, therefore now they have some of the highest income tax rates,  the highest sales rates.  So California in a way is sort of a case study of what not to do.”

Williams says a lot of credit should also be given to Wyoming’s low taxes, including no personal income tax.  Governor Matt Mead called the report good news.