All New Members for Pinedale Anticline Working Group

Green River, WY – The U-S Bureau of Land Management says
that an advisory group that monitors development in the Pinedale Anticline will have all new members by the time it meets again next year.
The nine-member Pinedale Anticline Working Group was established in July 2000. Members include local residents and representatives from government, industry, agriculture and conservation groups.
The group has committees that consider water, air, wildlife and other issues related to energy development in the area.
Some past members of the group have criticized the B-L-M for failing to follow the group's recommendations and for limiting the scope of issues it considers.
A group meeting scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday) was canceled while B-L-M officials await confirmation by the U-S Department of Interior of seven new members nominated this summer. Two other new members were confirmed this summer.