Anadarko Project Questioned

Patrick Draw, WY – The next phase of a project that has revived a dormant oil field is coming into question. Anadarko Petroleum has already taken production in southwestern Wyoming's Monell Field from zero to two-thousand barrels a day. The company now wants to drill 126 new wells in and continue injecting carbon dioxide into the ground to bring once unreachable oil to the surface. A conservation group says the same production could be achieved through directional drilling from existing wells. But Anadarko's Rick Robitaille says directional drilling wouldn't work in this case. He says for this enhanced oil recovery to work, they need the right pattern of wells. Without the new wells, Robitaille says the project would have to stop and production would go back to zero. Biodiversity Conservation Alliance says directional drilling techniques have worked with enhanced oil recovery in places like Canada and Alaska. The Alliance's Erik Molvar says virtually no wildlife could live in this area with the density proposed by Anadarko, plus there would be landscape impacts.