Animals Loitering Along Highways

Laramie, Wy – Drought conditions are luring more game animals to Wyoming roadways. Officials say they head there to graze and this results in more vehicles hitting animals.
A wildlife supervisor in the Lander Region for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department says road ditches have more succulent vegetation because they get extra water that runs off the pavement after a storm. He says those lush roadways are enticing antelope, deer and even some larger game like elk and moose to feed right along the roads.
The wildlife supervisor says motorists need to be particularly careful in arid areas. The trouble spots are places that have had nearly no rain.
Jon Steinke is Lander foreman for the Wyoming Department of Transportation. He and his crew get the call when animals get hit on the road. Not only have they been seeing more animals than normal, but he said they're seeing older animals including some buck deer.