Another Brucellosis Case Discovered

Campbell County, WY – Wyoming's brucellosis problem continues to grow. State Veterinarian Jim Logan announced Monday that the disease was found in two Wyoming cows that were to be sold at auction in South Dakota. Logan says this case stands out because the animals are from Campbell County. That's nowhere near the other outbreaks and hundreds of miles from the area where elk and bison are known to carry brucellosis. Logan says there is no connection between this herd and the other infected herds. He also says there's no connection between this herd and the Greater Yellowstone area. Logan says there are elk in the area of this new infected herd, but no reason to think they even carry brucellosis. This new discovery means it will be at least a year from now that Wyoming can regain its federal brucellosis-free status. But Logan says the perception of other states will be the bigger problem. He thinks those states will continue to restrict cattle sold from Wyoming herds, requiring ranchers to endure expensive brucellosis testing further into the future. The two infected cows originated from a herd of 300. That herd and five others in Campbell County have been quarantined, for a total of 1,500 head.