Another Democrat in the Field for US House

Wilson, WY – A Wilson man is the latest to announce he'll seek the Democratic nomination for Wyoming's lone congressional seat. The 34-year-old Business consultant Ted Ladd says reckless federal policies are hampering the state's efforts to strengthen small business and provide jobs. He believes large corporations should have to play by the same rules as small businesses. Ladd says the un-even playing field hampers Wyoming's efforts to strengthen small businesses and provide jobs. Ladd also believes the federal deficit needs to be addressed. The Wyoming Business Council board member believes one way to do that is to eliminate plans to travel to Mars. Ladd also believes not enough has been done to curb wasteful government spending. He says laws such as No Child Left Behind threaten local control of education. Ladd will face Ron Akin of Casper and John Hanks, Junior of Laramie in the Democratic primary.