Another Possible Brucellosis Case Found

Jackson, WY – There could be another brucellosis case in Teton County. A single cow was discovered with the disease there this summer and officials recently started testing neighboring cattle herds. That testing, while preliminary, found two more cows that appeared to have brucellosis. The animals were slaughtered to conduct more definitive testing, which should be complete in a couple weeks. Jim Logan, the now-former State Veterinarian who is still doing brucellosis work for the state, says this is obviously not the type of news they want to hear. But Logan says if there are still herds with the disease, they need to find them and address it. There's more contact herd testing still to be done. The herd where the animals now in question are from is only about half-done with testing, and there are two more herds to consider after that. If these two cases are confirmed, Dr. Logan says that would re-start the clock for Wyoming to regain its brucellosis-free status. The state cannot have any cases for a full year before it can be considered brucellosis-free. This case would mark the state's fifth brucellosis-infected herd since last November, even though the state believes the cases in Campbell County were not actual infections.